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The Martello hotel offers it all, accommodation, dining, drinks, nightlife. A lively vibrant hotel in
breathtaking views in Bray county Wicklow, 30 minutes from Dublin City Centre.

Martello’s goal when they were doing a refurbishment and extension in 2001 was to offer both high end accommodation and self-catering
apartments. The apartments were Ideal for those on a budget but Martello wanted to maximise room occupancy in rental apartments and to maximum return on revenue in peak seasons.

For the self-catering apartments alternative ideas were discussed. Sofa beds were rejected as guests would not be sleeping on a real bed and there was the problem of making up the bed every night. The ideal solution was a single wallbed.

The 24 wallbeds fold down with absolute ease – already made up and when folded back up it becomes a stylish piece of apartment furniture — now they are reaping the rewards.

Increase revenue per room, then just sit back and reap the rewards as many of our existing customers have already… Clayton Group, Dalata Group and many more. The Green Isle Hotel Dublin has 45 of our wall beds in their meeting rooms!!

Success Story

Success Story

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With the acute housing crisis in Ireland, investors in Ireland are tapping into this market renovating buildings in the city centre to supply to young professional adult starting out on their career. Especially since apartments are now wearing a quite expensive price tag.

Studio apartments are small and self-contained. Efficiency apartments is the perfect term for a studio apartment as a single unit or flat contains all the essentials rooms found in an apartment without any barrier of walls or divisions. It is a base of the contemporary co-living concept.

Wallbeds Of Ireland are delighted to be working with current investors on renovating building around the city that last the test of time once renovated – Our space saving wallbeds with lifetime guarantee on our industrial strength mechanism has worked with many developers to date.

OHT construction is one of these companies starting with one or two progressing to 20 and keep coming back for more.


Peter McVerry Trust is a national housing and charity committed to reducing homelessness and the harm caused by substance misuse and the social disadvantage. They rely on funding from donors to respond quickly and effectively to the need of those in homelessness Unfortunately due to the acute housing crisis and lack of housing for people it is likely that a person experiencing homelessness will spend longer than six months in emergency accommodation.

Did you know that the majority of social housing units needed are for one and two person households? Peter McVerry is providing housing to single people, who are the single largest cohort in homelessness and on the broader social housing list so our product a Wallbed is an ideal fit to single room living as designed to correct the homelessness problem.

Single room living doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on comfort. It’s all about designing flexible transitions from eating to sleeping. This is simply achieved by folding the bed away, combined with integrated wall to wall storage.

We have worked on many projects from then to present day.

We started working with the charity through Anthony Ray projects manager in 2015 starting with 12 wallbeds needed for 12 single room units development living in Dublin city centre. In 2019 we have worked on projects in Dublin, Athy, and Drogheda. We are proud to be connected and value our work with this wonderful charity today and in years to come.

Success Story

Success Story


Our Lady Children’s hospital Ireland’s largest paediatric hospital in Ireland. In 2017 the hospital had 27,517 emergency attendances; 19,366 day cases 10,313 in patient admission 78,697 outpatient and 13,835 surgical procedures performed it’s a very busy hospital.

Over the last few years Crumlin has been growing additional units to the existing hospital as funding comes. Helen Short CEO of Crumlin Hospital wanted better clinical outcomes and increased operational efficiency, as well as significantly enhancing the experience of service for children, young people and their families. Up until now parents were expected to sleep on chair beds.

They were uncomfortable as a bed but worked fine as a chair. This was the parents’ feedback. The perfect solution decided was our compact wallbed that folds up all made up and when closed creates plenty of room for machines and for staff carry out to their job.

Crumlin hospitals believe that whenever children are admitted to hospital, their parents or carer should be able to stay with them. We can understand any parent’s
wish to keep a vigil by their seriously ill child’s bed. Sometimes sick children can be in hospital for weeks or months at a time. Parents play a key role in their child’s recovery. Their care is important to hospital staff. Their reward is a home away from home.